2025 Champions Trophy

Pakistan to lose hosting rights of 2025 Champions Trophy

A major setback has been dealt to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). The ICC is likely to move the 2025 Champions Trophy abroad due to India’s refusal to travel to Pakistan. Pakistan will instead be compensated financially, and the USA is set to host the Champions Trophy in 2025.

 The ICC is also considering a change in location for the T20 World Cup in 2024, with the defending champions England the favourite to host this huge tournament.

Why is it unlikely that Pakistan would host the 2025 Champions Trophy?

  • Due to security concerns, BCCI is not in the mood to visit Pakistan to play a single series.
  • India has offered the option of playing at a neutral location rather than travelling to Pakistan to compete in the 2023 Asia Cup.
  • The next ICC media cycle will see a significant portion of India’s earnings, hence ICC does not want to take any chances.
  • ICC intends to host in the West Indies and the USA because the Champions Trophy is a less significant tournament than the T20 World Cup.

Sources close to the information revealed that though the talks are in their initial stages now, the chances of this happening are higher considering the lack of infrastructure in the USA for hosting the multi-team event.

“The current infrastructure situation in the USA is not very encouraging. Even if they successfully host the upcoming Major League Cricket, hosting an event like the T20 World Cup is a different ball game altogether. Where will you host the matches when the venues aren’t ready? Also, a long tournament in the far west could be a loss-making proposition for the broadcasters in the sub-continent, where the returns are highest,” sources close to the information said,

Besides, the broadcasters for the next ICC media rights are also believed to agree to this proposal, and if everything falls in place, the changes might be implemented.

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