2024 T20 world cup

2024 T20 World Cup to be shifted from USA to England

The 2024 T20 World Cup will probably be moved from the USA and the West Indies to England by the International Cricket Council. The infrastructure in the United States of America is inadequate for international matches, necessitating a decision by the governing body.

With barely a year till the world championship, the USA doesn’t appear to have sufficient stadiums prepared. England will be asked by the ICC to host the T20 World Cup.

The 2030 T20 World Cup is already scheduled to take place in England, Ireland, and Scotland.

Reports indicate that England might be asked to switch places with the USA and the West Indies for the event.

“We have control of the issue. The American infrastructure falls short of expectations. Since England has the infrastructure to host matches, we think they can host the tournament in 2024. The decision will enable the USA to complete stadium construction by 2030, the source stated.

The ICC had high hopes of hosting the 2024 T20 World cup in the United States as it is the most lucrative sports market in the world. There is a major push to promote cricket in the US, The inaugural Major League Cricket tournament is set to start this July featuring some of the best players from the world.

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