Arjun Tendulkar

Brett Lee to Arjun Tendulkar: “You will have people criticise almost everything“

Son of cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar, Arjun Tendulkar, recently displayed his talent for Mumbai Indians vs. Gujarat Titans during the Indian Premier League (IPL) game.

Despite being accused of nepotism, Arjun put forth a strong effort, taking a wicket and only giving up nine runs in two overs. Additionally, he smashed veteran bowler Mohit Sharma out of the park with his maiden six of the IPL.

Arjun has been under fire for his bowling speed, which reached 107.2 kmph, but former Australia bowler Brett Lee told him to ignore the naysayers and concentrate on improving his game.

He said: “You will have people criticise almost everything. If you look at Sandeep Sharma, he has been bowling at 120 kph.”

Some Mumbai Indians supporters attacked team captain Rohit Sharma for selecting Cameron Green over Arjun to bowl the final few overs against the Titans. Tom Moody, a former cricketer for Australia, supported the selection, noting that Green was an experienced bowler and was chosen for that reason.

In contrast to his last match against Punjab Kings, where he allowed 48 runs in three overs, including 31 runs in one over, making it the second-most expensive over by a MI bowler, Arjun’s performance against GT was noticeably better.

 Arjun has demonstrated promise despite this setback, and his performance against the Titans has silenced his detractors.

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